Weddings at Pacific Spirit United Church

(A booklet containing Wedding Prayer Options may be accessed by clicking on this link.)

The congregation and staff of Pacific Spirit United Church are pleased that you wish to be married according to the forms and traditions of Christian marriage, and that you wish to have the ceremony performed at our church.

We think marriage is a beautiful relationship involving deep commitments and a lasting covenant. It is our mission to interpret God’s blessing as best we can, and to do whatever we can to help make both the event of your wedding and your marriage rich and meaningful.

Our first goal is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way as to make it relevant to you as you begin your married lives, with a view to encouraging a lifelong commitment both to God’s grace, and to developing a satisfying marriage.

We also want to develop, along with you, a wedding ceremony that can evoke a deep sense of the “holy” and provide an appropriate beginning for your marriage.

As an open, inclusive, and celebratory community of faith, Pacific Spirit United Church celebrates marriages between couples of all gender combinations.


To assist you in planning your wedding service, we have listed some general information covering a wide range of details.


Once we have confirmed that your proposed wedding date is available, a tour of the church with the Wedding Coordinator usually takes place before a firm reservation of the church is made. At the tour you can view the space and discuss any questions. If you wish to proceed with booking the church, you can pay the $600 non-refundable deposit at this time.


 To reserve your wedding date (and the rehearsal date) we require a non-refundable deposit of $600 and a completed form called a Wedding Information Sheet.

Weddings conducted away from the Pacific Spirit United Church buildings are to be arranged directly with the Officiating Minister.


For all formal weddings (with processional, recessional, etc.) a rehearsal is necessary. Usually the rehearsal takes place at 5:00 or 5:30 pm on the Thursday prior to the wedding. It is important that the entire wedding party, including anyone participating in the service, be at the rehearsal. Having everyone there ensures that the wedding day goes smoothly.


One important piece of documentation that we will need from you before your wedding date is the BC government issued Wedding Licence. The Licence is valid for 3 months. Please make sure you obtain the Licence, fill out the required personal information including Personal Health Numbers, and parents’ names and birth places, and deliver the Licence to us at least ten days prior to the Wedding.


Pacific Spirit United Church currently has two spaces in which weddings can take place.

At our West 45th Avenue location weddings can take place in the Worship space, which (including the balcony) seats 375 guests. (Note: This space offers both piano and organ.)

At our West 24th Avenue location weddings can take place in the Worship space, which (including the balcony) seats 285 guests. (Note: This space offers piano only.)

Our ministers are also able to officiate at weddings that are outside of the congregational spaces. Please be in contact with us if you wish to discuss this option.


In consideration of the church staff, you are asked to ensure that no flower petals, confetti, rice or birdseed are thrown either in or around the church.


Pacific Spirit personnel cannot watch over and will not be liable for any loss of property belonging to you or your guests including wedding gifts. Wedding gifts should be brought to the reception rather than the church.


The suggested form for the address of the church is:

West 45th location:
Pacific Spirit United Church
2195 West 45th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.


West 24th location:
Pacific Spirit United Church
3525 West 24th Avenue
Vancouver, BC


You must have 2 witnesses of legal age to stand up with you and sign the legal documents. The total number of attendants is up to you (within reason…)


Flower pedestals (12″ square top / 40’’ high at the West 45th location, and 12” octagonal top / 38” high at the West 24th location) are provided. No flowers are allowed on the communion table, piano or organ screen.  Markers which cause no disfiguration may be used on the pew ends (i.e. no tape).  Please consult the Wedding Coordinator or Wedding Hostess regarding these arrangements.


As the wedding service is a worship service, it is important that photography and videography be done in a way that maintains the sense of worship. The Officiating Minister at the wedding will have the final say on how this will take place in the service. In general terms, your official photographer (and an aide, if needed) will be able to take natural light (no flash) photos throughout the service. They will be asked to be unobtrusive, and to never come between the Officiating Minister and the couple to be married. Guests will be welcome to take natural light (no flash) photos and videos as the bridal party are coming up the aisle, and as the couple is leaving, but will be asked to set aside their recording devices during the marriage service itself.

In the case of video, no additional lighting or microphones will be allowed.


Wedding Fee:               $1200.00

This fee includes the following:

  • Wedding Hostess
  • Wedding coordinator
  • Officiating Minister
  • Music Director (organist / pianist)
  • Wedding Rehearsal
  • Custodian
  • Church-related documents
  • Candles

Please ensure that the balance of the wedding fee (after deducting the $600 non-refundable deposit) is delivered to us no later than ten days prior to the wedding date.

The Wedding Coordinator will be in touch two or three months prior to your wedding to help you schedule a meeting with one of our Officiating Ministers to plan your wedding service and to connect you with your Wedding Hostess.

The Wedding Fee includes the services of one of our Directors of Music as organist / pianist. The Wedding Coordinator will be in touch two or three months prior to your wedding to help you schedule a meeting with one of the Directors of Music to choose the music for your service.
If you wish to have a soloist provided (vocal or instrumental) for an additional fee, please consult with the Director of Music who will be participating in your wedding service.
It should be clearly understood, though, that all music must, in the opinion of the Director of Music and the Officiating Minister, be suitable for a service of worship in the church.

The ministers and members of Pacific Spirit United Church are committed to helping you make your wedding a worshipful, happy and memorable occasion in your lives.  The above arrangements are set out with the intention of making this occasion more meaningful to you. Please feel free to discuss any further questions with the Wedding Coordinator or the Officiating Minister.

Officiating Ministers and Directors of Music may be contacted through the church office.

Church Office:
2195 West 45th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6M 2J2
Phone:  604-266-5377

Wedding Coordinator: Sandra Campbell

604-264-7474 / 604 220 3000