Walk For Reconciliation

Walk For Reconciliation

On September 24, thousands of people joined a Walk for Reconciliation in the heart of Vancouver. Our own Rev. Dr. Brian Thorpe has published a piece in the BC Conference Contemplative Justice Network blog about the experience of walking with the Dunbar Ryerson congregation in the 2017 Walk. Here’s an excerpt of his reflection, and you can find the full article here.

“Those of us on the walk spoke of the experience as being that of pilgrimage. Most pilgrimages have as their destinations sacred sites. This pilgrimage, however, had as its goal right relationships.

Reconciliation Canada described the walk as a time in which we might share stories. Hearing this, I was reminded of the words of a former Moderator of The United Church of Canada, the Very Rev. Stan McKay.

Stan went to a residential school in Manitoba. Long after his time there he spoke of the pain engendered by the fact that no one was willing to listen to his stories as a young Cree boy.

The walk, for us, was an opportunity to open our ears to the long ignored stories of the first peoples of this land.”