Minister’s Message – Week of October 22
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Minister’s Message – Week of October 22

The familiar images in Psalm 23 will be present in our worship service this coming Sunday.  In the midst of the challenges in our journey—the “dark valleys” of life—the psalmist speaks of “green pastures” and “still waters”.  These are healing images.  They don’t necessarily cure what ails us.  What they do is transform the ways in which we live.  Accompanying us to these healing images is the shepherd—the psalmist’s metaphor for God.  The shepherd does not speak.  What he or she does is maintain a constant presence with us and with the guidance to green pastures and still waters heals the turmoil within us.

This is such an appropriate biblical text for us as we gather to celebrate and affirm the healing ministry exercised by the Healing Pathways practitioners in our congregation.  As a congregation we will covenant with them to exercise their healing ministry as a witness to the healing ministry of Jesus and as a manifestation of the healing ministry to which we as a congregation are called.  The fact that our healing ministry exists both within the congregation and beyond our borders will be made manifest by the fact that we will have healing practitioners from other congregations joining us.  Together with our practitioners they will follow the worship service with a workshop led by Dr. Jane Garland.

We do hope that you will be able join us this coming Sunday and, indeed, on all the Sundays which follow.

Looking ahead we are looking forward to welcoming Dawn Pemberton — a passionate speaker and incredible vocalist — to our community on November 5.


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