Minister’s Message – Week of April 1, 2018
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Minister’s Message – Week of April 1, 2018

Easter Morning
You are invited to celebrate the rising of new hope, new joy, new possibilities.

9:15  – Rehearsal if you’d like to sing the Hallelujah Chorus with the Chamber Choir. Everyone Welcome

10:00 – Worship

11:00 – (or just after) Easter Party

Hot Cross Buns, Crafts, Easter Egg Hunt!

For Easter Day
Jan Richardson Painter Prayer Book
If you are looking for a blessing, do not linger here.
Here is only emptiness,
a hollow, a husk where a blessing used to be.
This blessing was not content in its confinement.
It could not abide its isolation, the unrelenting silence,
the pressing stench of death.
So if it is a blessing you seek,open your own mouth.
Fill your lungs with the air this new morning brings
and then release it with a cry.
Hear how the blessing breaks forth in your own voice,
how your own lips form every word you never dreamed to say.
See how the blessing circles back again, wanting you to
repeat it, but louder,
how it draws you,pulls you,sends you to proclaim its only word:
Remember, if you would like to be able to vote when the names of new ministers are brought forward – you need to be a member. If you’d like to become a full member of Dunbar Ryerson, please speak to Debra or Richard as soon as possible. Some people are joining Easter Sunday and others on a Wednesday at The Table  – won’t it be fun and powerful to join with them!? Give us a call for more information – no pressure!

April 1 is Easter Morning! You have the opportunity to sing Handel’s Messiah with the Chamber Choir. Come at 9:15 for rehearsal.

Sundays at 3 Concert – Sunday, April 15th at 3:00pm. Join us for our final Concerts at 3 event of the season. This concert features organist Edward Norman and French horn player Steve Denroche. Tickets at the door, only. General $15/ Student $10. For more information please see the website at

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