Sundays | 10:00am in the sanctuary at the corner of Yew St and 45th Ave

This season as we seek Reconciliation, celebrate Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day, and prepare for Christmas through Advent, let’s dig deeper into the joys, responsibilities, and abundance offered to us through a life in Christ as we explore what we understand Dunbar Ryerson United Church has committed itself to be.  (Note: American Sign Language is available at most Sunday worship times.)

October 22 | A gathering in which we celebrate our call to be people who heal, with “compassion and caring.”

October 29 | What does it mean to be those who are “elders who hold a rich heritage,” or grace-full people who live “inbetween?”

November 5 | GUEST PREACHER – “Say Something” – Vocalist Dawn Pemberton talks about her experiences as a black woman living in Vancouver, and how we can all be allies in the ongoing struggle for equality.

November 12 | All Saints and Remembrance Sunday – we reflect on what it means to be people who “trust that God is leading us.”

November 19 | Central to our life – “Music that opens us to awe; and the arts as an expression of the sacred.”

Wednesdays | Dinner at 5:15pm in the Memorial Centre | Worship at 6:10pm in the sanctuary (Yew St. and 45th Ave.)

One of Jesus’ favourite places to get to know people was over a meal. It’s one of our favourites, too! We worship at The Table every Wednesday. (Note: The written parts of most of these services are translated into Mandarin. Some Wednesdays, various parts of the service are offered in spoken Mandarin.) This service is intentionally designed to appeal to people of many ages and places on their faith journey. Our musicians for this service are Pneuma Voices.

October 18 | Giving with All We Are – Disciples of Jesus are called to share what they have with each other, and with those in need. How do you decide what you can share? (Reflection will be offered bilingually by Sandy Hwang.)

October 25 | Being part of God’s family and household changes who we are. What does it mean for us to be transformed by God’s wonder?

November 1 | SPECIAL MUSICAL LEADERSHIPThe Postmodern Camerata joins with Pneuma Voices to share in Vivaldi’s Gloria, in a time of worship that remembers all those who have entered into God’s care through death. Bring your tears, your smiles, and your wonder, to this evening of memory and love.

November 8 | Momento Mori – Remembrance Worship – The world has, and continues, to face violence between countries that erupts in conflict and war. Tonight we remember armistice and work for peace.

November 15 | We are Christ’s People – What does being a “disciple” of Jesus Christ look like in this day and age?

November 22 | Celebrating the Kingdom – “Kingdom” is a world that we often struggle with. Tonight we explore other ways we might understand “kingdom” as a way of experiencing God’s love in our lives.

November 29 | The Pregnant Pause – As we begin the season of Advent, let’s take some time to wait – a “pregnant pause” – as we prepare for the coming of the Christ Child.

December 6 | The Beauty in Waiting – In the days that lead up to Christmas, we often find ourselves rushed. This worship service reflects on the beauty around and inside of us.

December 13 | The Gift of Quiet – After an opening hymn and explanation, those gathered will be invited to sit “Quaker style,” to listen for (and speak to) the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Newcomers and visitors – WELCOME!

At Dunbar Ryerson United Church we create space for conversations that matter. Conversations about God, Christ and the Holy Spirit – and our relationship with God and each other. Conversations about life, and death, and what it means to lead a ‘good life’ in a complex time. At Dunbar Ryerson faith and intellect are not in conflict, and we believe God welcomes questions, even as we search for answers.

But we’re not just about conversations! In response to God’s love for community and creation we seek to identify areas of service and to make a difference in the world. We understand that living in this way, with the support of others, is part of the way we live out our relationship with God, and into being disciples of Jesus.

We value the energy and wisdom of children and the elders and everyone in between. We value people who are at a variety of places in their faith life, and who hold different worldviews. Through grappling with faith, engagement with community, and encounters with the sacred through the arts, Dunbar Ryerson offers rich opportunities to grow in relationship with the Holy Other – with God!

Our Sunday services offer signing and special earphones for the hearing impaired. (Our Wednesday services do not have this accessibility.) Our buildings are wheelchair accessible… and, we hope, welcoming to all who are interested in exploring together.



2195 W. 45th Avenue, Vancouver, BC | 604.266.5377 or office@drmt.ca