Pneuma Choir

Pneuma is the young people’s music training program administered by Pacific Spirit United Church. Young people aged 5 to 18 form this dynamic choir and music training program which is made up of two critical parts: Wednesday services and weekly coaching.

Choir rehearsals are followed by dinner each Wednesday. The group then leads the music in the weekly Wednesday worship service called The Table. Pneuma participants also receive weekly private voice coaching with professional level singers as staff. In this way, Pneuma is a full rounded training, performance, and worship program.

Pneuma draws its roots from the fundamental one on one teaching relationship found in good music schools, and combines it with careful and sensitive listening and caring for our young people’s spiritual life. We are proud of our personal relationships with the young singers, and our musical results as well.

*New Location starting September 2018:

Pneuma activities and Wednesday worship programming, including The Table Dinner and Worship service, move to our West 24th Avenue site (3525 W. 24th Avenue @ Collingwood Street), starting with Pneumapalooza on August 27th.

Summer 2018:

Our special Summer Palooza will be back again this summer from August 27- August 31, the group will meet every day from 8:45 am to 4:30 pm. It is a wonderfully fun camp, and anyone is welcome – whether they are connected to the church or not, whether they are musically advanced or a beginner – they just have to want to learn music and have fun.

Rehearsal Schedule:

Rehearsals are 4:00pm to 5:30pm, every Wednesday, in the Sanctuary at West 24th Avenue and Collingwood Street. If you would like more information about Pneuma, or you know of a young person who might be interested in this program, please be in touch with Greg Caisley (, Pneuma’s director and one of our Co-Directors of Music.