Moving Together

Moving Together

FAQs are a work in progress. You could say, “questions have a life of their own”. Right now, many questions are “floating around” and what follow, is a response to what might be on your mind.  If you have a question — please contact the church and we will find the right person for you to talk to.

Q.  Why have we amalgamated?

A.  Our congregation’s mission is to “Live lives of meaning through faith, service, and God’s love.” With our combined resources we have been given an incredible opportunity to deepen and strengthen this mission.

We are fortunate to have had two strong parent congregations who came together to create Dunbar Ryerson United Church.  Our buildings, though much loved, need work.  By amalgamating we can focus on our congregational strength and spend less time and effort on more mundane matters.

Q.  Where will we meet for worship?

A.  We will be worshipping in at our West 24th location, 3525 West 24th Avenue, from January 1st to February 26th, 2017. We will then move back to the West 45th location, 2195 West 45th Avenue, and stay there until redevelopment work starts. Exact timing is unknown, but during the renovations on West 45th, we are planning to live out our ministry at the West 24th location.

Q.  What time do our services start?

A.  Sunday morning worship start at 10 am, but we try to make sure the doors of the sanctuary are open an hour beforehand.

Wednesday evening worship is part of The Open House – a mid-week program for faith exploration. Starting at 4:00 pm we have individual and group spiritual practices; at 5:15 – a shared meal; and at 6:15 – worship, finishing by 7:00. You are welcome to participate in any or all of the parts.

Q.  Who will be the new minister?

A.  We are blessed as our current ministry staff continues on. Debra Bowman will be the Coordinating Minister, Richard Bott the Congregational Development Minister, Cathy Cryder the Minister with Children, Youth and Families, Kathleen Barber the Community Life and Pastoral Care Minister, and Minister Emeritus Brian Thorpe will be our Pastoral Care Minister.

Q.  What is happening with music?

A.  Both of music directors are staying with us. Some of our choirs – and we are fortunate to have many – will be combined in new ways.  A wide variety of music and opportunities to participate will continue to enrich our lives and worship.

Q.  How do I get to church? Can someone give me a ride?

A.  Rides to the West 24th location during January and February 2017 are being arranged by Karen O’Brien, Taylor Ogston and Denis Sjerve. Be in touch with any of them if you need help with transportation. Call the Church office for their contact information if you don’t have a Directory. We’re working on what’s going to happen when we start at the West 45th location.

Q.  What are we calling ourselves?

A.  For now, we are calling ourselves Dunbar Ryerson United Church. In early 2017, we will explore ideas for our new name.  Everyone will be involved in making this decision.

Q.  What is happening with the buildings?

A.  Throughout the entire transitional process, the West 24th building will be available for community use and congregational purposes as needed.

In January and February 2017, there will be some minor renovations to the Memorial Centre at West 45th, to create office spaces for all of our staff.

The West 45th location will be extensively redeveloped starting sometime in the next two years. When the redevelopment is finished, the congregation will move permanently into the new church facility on 45th Avenue.

At the end of all this, a decision about the West 24th properties will be made by our Council and congregation, in conversation with the wider courts of The United Church of Canada.

Q.  Will I get new envelopes and a new number?

A.  On January 1st, 2017, new numbers were issued to all members.  A new set of envelopes was issued to people who use envelopes at least 18 times a year.  Generic pew envelopes will continue to be available to less frequent donors.

Q.  Do I need to update Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)?

A.  No need to update. PAR will carry on. If you would like to join this simple way of making monthly donations to support our ministry please contact Judy Walker at 604-266-5377.

Q.  What is being planned for children and youth?

A.  We have an abundance of programs  for children and youth. This will include nursery care on Sunday mornings for children 0 – 3; use of the Godly Play curriculum for those age 4 to Grade 4; and use of the Whirl curriculum for those in Grades 5 – 7.  Youth will be using Year 2 of Echo the Story in their programs.

Children and families are also the focus of the Wednesday Open House  which includes a meal and worship.

Q.  Who do I ask if I have more questions?

A.  ASK ! You are welcome to ask any of the Ministry Team, the Staff Team, or Council. If we don’t have an answer for you, we’ll find out!