Jr. Youth Group (Ages 9-12)

Thursdays | 4:30 to 6:00pm in the Youth Room of the Memorial Centre.

Gather with others for a time that’s filled with fun and exploration (and some great snacks, too!). Jr. Youth Group will operate on a rotating schedule designed to meet the interests of all different types of youth. Activities will reflect the mission and commitments of the church in ways that are fun, thought-provoking and inspiring. Over the month the program will rotate through the following themes:

Play – This will be activities at the church. Games, fun, community building and good old fashioned messy youth group art activities will happen. These nights will allow the children to play and have fun with no other agenda.

“Play is silly and fun and wild and goofy. That is what makes it play! That is why we are drawn to it. When God created the world, it was done with imagination and a sense of adventure. That same imagination and sense of adventure exist within us, and it is when we have these opportunities to play, to create, and to experience life to its fullest that we truly understand what it means to be in the presence of God.” – Mark Montgomery

Learn – These nights will also be held at the church. On these nights we will watch video clips, delve into scripture and have discussions about what is occurring in our world. Don’t worry, it’s not totally serious – there will be games, art and snacks mixed in.

Explore – These nights will not be at the church… we will take these nights to explore the city, experience different things that Vancouver has to offer and connect with the community around us.

Serve – These nights will focus on serving the church or the wider community. In 2018 there are so many events that we have the opportunity to help out with! These including the Halloween Event, the Fall Fayre, the Thrift Sale, and the many Christmas events.

Please click here for our Jr. Youth Fall Schedule.

  • Keep watching this page for our Fall 2018 schedule, which will be published soon.

For more information, please contact Molly Spaner (youthministry@drmt.ca) our Older Children & Youth Program Director!