So, what does a “Congregational Development Minister” do?
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So, what does a “Congregational Development Minister” do?

So, what does a “Congregational Development Minister” do?

Think of me as part of the church’s Research & Development department! I get to come up and implement with ways of helping people already part of Dunbar Ryerson United Church, and people who are not yet part of this community of faith to enter into and deepen their relationship with God through Jesus.
I’m responsible for:
– finding ways of developing a sustainable congregation-wide small group ministry;
– developing and implementing programs and practices that lead people more deeply into their Christian discipleship, including helping people understand their spiritual and practical gifts, and to develop their leadership and facilitation gifts. (As part of that, that development of stewardship as a lived spiritual practice is part of my portfolio!)
– developing new (and additional) expressions of worship outside of Sunday morning, especially ones that are inviting to those not currently connected to a faith community, as well as growing The Open House – Dunbar Ryerson midweek congregation;
– supporting the work of a fantastic ministry team, a wonderful staff team and with the Spiritual Nurture and Outreach committees – taking direction from the Coordinating Minister for my participation in Sunday Morning worship and other parts of our church life.

I’m excited about the possibilities God has placed into our lives together!

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  1. I tip my hat to you sir, and wish to THANK YOU for joining with my Rabbis at the news conference about Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim refugees. It takes courage to stand up to Trump, even from far away. You are a courageous man. Your parishioners are very lucky to have you as their leader.
    Gerri Klein

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