Front Page Message from Rev. Deb Bowman

Minister’s Message – Week of November 19

Minister’s Message

St. Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians

“… the arts as an expression of the sacred…music that opens us to awe…”
 (Commitment Statement of DRUC)

This is a phrase from the Commitment Statement adopted by our congregation when we were formed, nearly one year ago (where did that time go!!??)This Sunday our worship will focus on the place of the arts and beauty in our faith. When you think about it, God was the very first Artist. In sculpting our creation from chaos, God has given life and shape to everything we know. Beauty, in part expressed through the arts, gives a visible witness to the creative essence of our Creator. The arts open our hearts to the nearness of God, they alert our eyes to the beauty of God, they alert our nose, mouths and touch to the gratuitous nature of God in offering all that is. The Pnuema Children’s Choir will help us worship through their energetic commitment to singing of God.

Immediately following worship there will be an information session about the enhancement of our sanctuary space. Coffee and muffins will be available in the sanctuary.Stay, have your imaginations stirred, and offer your ideas and questions.

Purdy’s Christmas Fundraising Program
You are invited to help support Dunbar Ryerson United Church by purchasing your Christmas Chocolates through the Purdy’s Christmas Fundraising program.  The deadline is November 19th, for both paper and online orders.  For information on ordering, please click here.

For a copy of this Sunday’s announcements bulletin, please click here.