Minister’s Message Week of March 4, 2018
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Minister’s Message Week of March 4, 2018


There are moments in our lives when we are thunder struck –
stopped dead in our tracks by a sight or a sound or an experience that somehow signals to us that we are witnessing something important.
Many cultures and religions imagine the sound of God speaking being akin to the sound of thunder and lightening.
We know too, though, that sometimes God comes to us in the still, small voice of a summer breeze.
We can be thunder struck by grief, loss, unemployment; some unexpected event in our lives can drop us to our knees.
And in that place there can be further revelations that God is with us even then, especially then.
Being thunder struck, whether through crisis or beauty can lead to new insights, and a new path.
This Sunday we will hear the voice of Job, thunder struck in awe at God’s creation.
And we’ll hear the voice of Jesus, thunder struck at the audacity of a worship that depends on money for access to God.Following worship there will be lunch and a congregational meeting to consider our 2018 budget, among other things.
Come, sing, celebrate, be thunder struck by the wonder of music and the nearness of God, and
bring your wisdom to the congregational gathering.


If you’d like to explore the theme of The Gifts of the Dark Wood further, join Deb and Brian in a study group, Wednesdays, 7:00-8:30 in the Chapel. February 21-March 28. Don’t worry if you can’t come to all the sessions.

There will be a congregational meeting after worship to consider the budget for 2018. Please come out to hear about the ministries of Dunbar Ryerson, and how you can support them through our budget. For a copy of the Strategic Ministry Plan Update and Budget Report for the meeting, please Click here. Paper copies will be available at the meeting.

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