Minister’s Message – Week of February 25, 2018
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Minister’s Message – Week of February 25, 2018

The Gifts of the Dark Wood – this is our theme for the season of Lent.

More than once in our lives we find ourselves in places we would not have chosen to go. Places that can feel like a dark wood, a hard space. Yet the mystery of our faith is that it is in those places where we often encounter God. It is in those places where the nearness of the sacred might be revealed to us.

In times of uncertainty, emptiness, being thunderstruck, lonely, it’s possible that something is offered to us that might eventually feel like a gift, even if in the moment it is impossible for us to see or appreciate that offering.

Throughout our worship services will will explore some of the difficulties and gifts of the Dark Wood. This week we will focus on Emptiness. How do we hold together our faith in Jesus who emptied out his life for us, and yet live in a part of the world that revels in consumerism? How do we loosen our grip on our ’stuff’ and live into trusting Jesus’ assurance that ‘you must lose your life to gain it?’

While the focus is on emptiness, the service will be full. The Pneuma Choir will be with us, offering their particular gift of music and leadership.

I’m back after some time off for our son’s wedding and study leave in San Francisco. I’m looking forward to seeing you all!


If you’d like to explore the theme of The Gifts of the Dark Wood further, join Deb and Brian in a study group, Wednesdays, 7:00-8:30 in the Chapel. February 21-March 28. Don’t worry if you can’t come to all the sessions.

March 4 there will be a congregational meeting to consider the budget for 2018. Please come out to hear about the ministries of Dunbar Ryerson, and how you can support them through our budget.

Coldest Night of the Year – a walk to be in solidarity with people of the Downtown East Side and raise funds for First United Church – is happening this Saturday. To sign up as a walker, or donate, please click on this link. Please note that we have switched our Start location with our Rest Stop location to accommodate for this. Our Start/ Finish Location is at the Roundhouse Rec Centre: 181 Roundhouse Mews, Room B (click here for a map) this room can be accessed from the courtyard. Pay parking garage is attached to Roundhouse, transit access is excellent. Our Rest Stop will be at First United (where you can get a sneak preview our new reception area!) Let’s go team Dunbar Ryerson!!
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