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Minister’s Message – Week of February 11

I am writing this on a gray Friday morning on Gambier Island.  As I look out my window I know that the north shore mountains are there but, at the moment, they are obscured by clouds.  I know that clouds may lift later today but, for the moment, I can only trust that the mountains they cover still exist.

This coming Sunday we are going to explore the well known story of Jesus climbing a mountain with three of his friends.  On the top of the mountain they encounter the lived memory of two ancestors in the faith:  Moses and Elijah.  At the moment when Peter foolishly attempts to institutionalize this mystical event, a cloud covers the mountain and the ancestors.  The voice of God offers a message of hope incarnate in their teacher, Jesus.  

It is often in the moments of uncertainty when we cannot see for ourselves the mountain that the voice of God is heard reminding us that the presence which we cannot see is just as real (if not, even more so) than that which is easily accessible to our senses.  Thus, the unseen gifts of faith, hope and love are those divine interjections into our human journey in the midst of the very visible tragedies of that journey.  We are going to explore these unseen gifts and the power they offer us to lead life of hope, justice and right relations.

This Transfiguration Sunday is the final Sunday in the season of Epiphany.  In the week to come we prepare for our season of Lent.  At 5:30pm on Tuesday please join us for a Mardi Gras meal on the eve of Lent.  At 6:10pm (following the community meal) our Table Worship will focus on Ash Wednesday.  Through Lent you will be invited into the Lenten Challenge Practice coordinated by Richard.  On Wednesdays (starting Feb. 21) “Spiritual Deepening” will meet following the Table Worship to focus on the theme of “A Journey Through the Dark Woods.”  More information about these opportunities is linked to this message.

I do hope that you will be able to join us this Sunday and in the week to come as we journey with Jesus and his friends through our Lenten time.


Brian Thorpe

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