Minister’s Message – Week of December 17
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Minister’s Message – Week of December 17

This Advent our theme has been: ‘Angels Among Us: #BeNotAfraid’ .
We’ve heard stories about the angels, God’s messengers, visiting Zechariah, Mary and Joseph.
This week through Scripture and a pageant being offered by the children,
we will hear about more visitations – this time to the shepherds.
But angel visitations are not a thing of the past. Many of us have at one point felt a faint touch on our shoulder,
perhaps a brief stirring of the air, as news of God’s goodness has brushed past us.
And each of you has been that presence at some point –
I know because I have seen you bring encouragement, care, love, and the assurance of God’s presence through your actions
with each other, with those around us, and with the world.
This Sunday come to worship, and while you’re here,
put yourself in the picture!!
There will be photos taken by the bench, outside the church.
Come along, sit yourself down, and let us acknowledge the sacred presence that each of you are.
And, let’s have fun while we’re at it!
During worship there will also be two baptisms, and,
we will say good-bye to Kathleen Barber, who has served the congregation for many years.
Following worship there will be a lovely lunch to honour Kathleen and the ministry she has offered.
Be an angel – come to worship. And bring a friend.
— Debra —
Christmas Eve and Day Services
December 24
10:00 am:  a Sunday morning service
4:00 pm:  a service for children of all ages
9:00 pm:  brass, choir, carols and candles
11:00 pm:  communion and candle-lightDecember 25
10:30 am:  service of celebration

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