Minister’s Message – March 12, 2017
Front Page Message from Rev. Deb Bowman

Minister’s Message – March 12, 2017

Lots of things to bring to your attention this week!

First of all, tomorrow – Saturday – there is an event with the Moderator at Dunbar Ryerson. The Moderator is the highest elected position in the United Church, and serves as leader, servant, prophet and priest. From 2-5 there will be worship, inspiring speakers, and a reception where you can meet the Right Rev. Jordan Cantwell, and follow up on some of the things other congregations are doing to be the church. It is going to be a great afternoon – don’t miss.

And, Saturday night don’t forget to set your clocks ahead! Or you’ll be feeling badly when you arrive for the postlude Sunday morning.

And, we need some people to help get others to church. Now that we’re all settled in to the 45th site some people find it too far to walk. If you are willing to help with rides, even just once in awhile, please get in touch with Sally Ball or Anne Clark. (call the office for their numbers) This is an important ministry – thank you so much for considering if it might be part of yours.

And, during Lent the Scripture and sermon focus will be on passages from the book of John. Many of you are engaged in the Lenten Challenge, which offers an opportunity to read through John and reflect on what it means for your life. So it seems like a good idea that as a body we spend some time with odd John and collectively wonder at his experience of, and his message about God, and Jesus Christ. This week we will explore what it means to ‘be born again’. It’s a passage that has perplexed many of us, particularly as it has been interpreted by some other communities of faith. But how many of us wouldn’t on occasion relish the thought of a fresh start? Of a ‘do over’? Is that what Jesus means? Is that maybe what the season of Lent is about, a time to reflect on what we’d do differently, what we might want to re-boot in our lives? Come Sunday and let’s ponder it together. I’m looking forward to seeing you!