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Minister’s Message – Happy New Year 2018

A familiar New Year’s image is that of the old year shuffling off in the form of an elderly man, while the new year bounds in as a new born baby.
I rather like the image above, because the immediate past appears to be in conversation
with the incoming present.
There is congeniality and wisdom to be shared.

We’ll have a bit of this dynamic at church this Sunday. On this, the last day of 2017,
we’ll hear the story of Anna and Simeon.
They were two faithful elders who waited for decades at the Temple, sure that the Messiah would show up. When Mary and Joseph arrived at the Temple to dedicate Jesus,
the two seniors were elated.
Now they could die in peace, for they had seen the coming of the Messiah.
It wasn’t all joy – they foretold some challenging times ahead.
But their constant and faithful vigilance was rewarded with the sight of God’s love
come into their midst.

At the same time as we retell the story of these two expectant elders,
we will baptize a baby.
Born in July, in Melbourne Australia, Olivia Galbraith’s parents were married a few years ago at Ryerson, and we’re delighted that she’ll be celebrated as a child of God
at Dunbar Ryerson.

As we mark the transition from one year to the next, from the past to the future, there will be an opportunity to walk among evergreens marking out something like a labyrinth.
You can take your time to wander and ponder: What are you grateful for in the last year? What do you hope for in this coming year? And what might God be calling you to now?
And, as if this isn’t enough, we will enjoy the gift of Edward Norman on the organ,
and Christina Cichos singing Simeon’s song of joy.

Join us!

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