Message from Rev. Richard Bott

Minister’s Message – Week of October 29

As Dunbar Ryerson United Church, we’ve committed ourselves to finding “…expressions of Jesus’ love in the wisdom of our children; the elders who hold a rich heritage; and the grace of those in between…” That’s a pretty big commitment.

It’s about more than making space for different generations. It’s about learning what makes us similar, what makes us different, and celebrating our similarities and our differences.

The cast of Rent asked the question, “How do you measure a year?” In minutes? In sunsets? In cups of coffee? If you can make a moment, take a listen.

How do you measure life? How about “wisdom,” “heritage,” or “grace?” Is it about the length of time a person has lived? Is it about the experiences they’ve had? Or is it about how we grow and share those experiences – inside ourselves and with one another?

Our God has spoken through children – think of the message that Samuel was told to give to Eli in 1 Samuel 3. Our God has spoken through teenagers – think of Mary’s song, singing praise and challenge. Our God has spoken through adults, young (Stephen), middlin’ (Paul) and elder (Anna and Simeon).

God is speaking – in so many ways, through so many experiences and through so many generations. what do we need to do to help us to hear what God is wanting us to understand? What do we need to do, to be able to hear God’s voice in the seniors, the middles, the younger, and the youngest, in our midst?


There’s a lot coming up over the next two weeks, so we’d ask you to make sure that you check out:
Hallowe’en at The Church Doors | October 31 | 5.30-7pm
Please join us!   Come to the sanctuary entrance on 45th and hand out treats to an adorable procession of goblins, witches and ghosts.  It is a really fun time and we’d love to have you. The treats will be provided!

Remembering the Saints at The Table | November 1 | 6.10 – 7pm – Postmodern Camerata joins with our Pneuma Voices for this evening worship, to share the music of Vivaldi’s Gloria, as a way for us to remember all those we love who have entered God’s house through death. If you’d like to come for the meal as well, please email, then join us in the Fireside room at 5:25pm.

Spiritual Deepening has been cancelled for November 1.  The remaining dates are November 15 and 29, and December 13.

Don’t forget the Thrift Sale | November 3 | 6 – 9pm and November 4 | 10am – 1pm – It’s going to be a great event!

Say Something”  | November 5 | 10am – We are really excited that Dawn Pemberton will be the Guest Preacher for our Sunday worship, sharing her experiences as a black woman living in Vancouver, and exploring how we can all be allies in the ongoing struggle for equality. We’re hoping that you’ll invite (and bring!) folks to this worshipful gathering.

Prayer Partners | November 6-12
This is a chance to connect with one other person, to hold them daily in prayer and for you, yourself to be held in prayer.  Please sign up after worship on Sunday on the list provided on the welcome table in the Narthex.  You can also email us your intention to be part of this practice: we will match you with a partner and send more information on November 6. You can also email us your intention to be part of this practice. Richard Bott or Kathleen Barber

For a copy of this Sunday’s announcements bulletin, please click here.

(“Four Generations” photo credit: OP – Flickr – Creative Commons Attribution)