Message from Rev. Deb Bowman

Minister’s Message – Week of November 9

“… hands and hearts offered in justice, responding to the world …”

 (Commitment Statement of DRUC)

This is the phrase in our Commitment Statement that we will be focusing on this week at Sunday service. To help us consider how to live out this commitment we have invited Dawn Pemberton to speak with us about living as a black woman in Vancouver. Many of us never have to experience what it is like to be the ‘only’ one in a crowded room – the only black person, the only Asian, the only one who is visibly ‘different’ than everybody else. It doesn’t occur to us how privileged we are if we are white, hetero, English-speaking, well-educated individuals in Vancouver. In some of her Facebook posts Dawn has written about the experience of being black in a largely white society and culture.

Her lyrical and powerful writing combines humour and anger, sorrow and grace – a unique mix and ability. I was so moved and challenged by her insights that I asked her to come and speak to us, to share her experiences, to give us a peek into challenges many of us can only imagine, and to help us think about how to be allies in making a difference. Oh, and she will sing too, accompanied by the marvelous Bill Sample. What a Sunday to invite a friend – we’ll be paying extra attention to making sure people of all faiths and no faith feel welcome (actually, please help me with that – extend a hand and an invitation to a pew and coffee to anyone you see who you don’t recognize. This is the tiniest step in offering justice and response to the world, and they and you will be glad you did!!)

 Massive celebration – on Tuesday Vancouver City Council passed unanimously our request for rezoning. This is a huge step towards our redevelopment dream, after 10 years of dreaming and 6 of negotiating with City Hall. Several councilors commented on the quality of the proposal and those who spoke in favour of it. Thank you to Gordon Esau and the Property Development Committee who have expended countless hours and some blood, sweat and near tears into getting us to this place. As is appropriate at a moment like this – there will be cake!

And  we will hear the total of funds raised at the Thrift Sale and celebrate all the labour and love that went into this enormous undertaking. Remember, tonight and tomorrow is your opportunity to shop for extraordinary finds, or offer last minute help. At some point be there or be square. 


Prayer Partners | November 6-12
This is a chance to connect with one other person, to hold them daily in prayer and for you, yourself to be held in prayer.  Please sign up after worship on Sunday on the list provided on the welcome table in the Narthex.  You can also email us your intention to be part of this practice: we will match you with a partner and send more information on November 6. You can also email us your intention to be part of this practice. Richard Bott or Kathleen Barber

Purdy’s Christmas Fundraising Program
You are invited to help support Dunbar Ryerson United Church by purchasing your Christmas Chocolates through the Purdy’s Christmas Fundraising program.  For information on ordering, please click here.

For a copy of this Sunday’s announcements bulletin, please click here.