Message from our Coordinating Minister
Front Page Message from Rev. Deb Bowman

Message from our Coordinating Minister

My Christmas tree at home is still standing, in spite of my husband’s repeated efforts to tidy it up and away. I am a firm believer that Christmas lasts until Epiphany, which this year falls on Jan. 6. Epiphany is the ancient celebration day that marks the moment when the wise ones from the East came upon the baby Jesus and recognized that nothing would be the same again. They had come in search of the new king, following the familiar symbol of a star. What was unusual, unheard of actually, is that the star rested not over an elaborate castle in some central city, but over a simple stable in a backwater town called Bethlehem. Epiphany is the great ‘Aha!’ moment when the wise ones, the angels, the shepherds, indeed all creation, came to the awareness that God had taken up residence in the neighbourhood. Now, when the wrapping has been recycled, the turkey stock packaged and put in the freezer, the candles burnt down to a nub, now is when we have the space and the silence to really ponder in our hearts, just as Mary did, what this birth means to us. That Jesus is born not only into the world, but for the world; that we are in Christ and Christ is in us, and we are for Christ and Christ is for us.
This Sunday we will celebrate Epiphany. The Chamber Choir will sing for the first time, and the congregation will sing too, and pray. There will be nursery care and programs for children and youth of all ages. This is the second Sunday of our ‘soft launch’ as a new congregation, and the wheels are beginning to turn. Join us for worship and fellowship – come be part of the new thing!

Next Sunday, January 15, we will have a full celebration of our amalgamation. Be sure to come for this happy and marvellous time and stay for special refreshments afterwards.

Another part of coming together is getting our new staff team up and running. During January and February staff will be for the most part located in the 45th site. However, we will be moving around, so if you’d like to meet with someone please do be sure to call ahead and arrange an appointment. Here is your new staff to date:
Debra Bowman Co-ordinating Minister 604.802.8210
Richard Bott Minister of Congregational Development 604.506.2299
Sheila Sanders Administrator/Transition Manager 604.266.5377
Kathleen Barber Community Life and Pastoral Care Minister 778-839-7340
Cathy Cryder Children Youth and Family Minister 604.778.8679
Kaylyn Munro Children and Youth Support please contact Cathy
Shelby Johnson Children and Youth Support please contact Cathy
Natasha McConnell Nursery please contact Cathy
Carmen Lee Nursery please contact Cathy
Bryn Nixon Co-Music Director 604.722.6547
Greg Caisley Co-Music Director 778.549.4748
Brian Thorpe Pastoral Minister 604.886.0530

We are still in the hiring process for the full time Office Assistant, the Communications person and some Children and Youth Support staff.

As I am sure you can understand, there is a lot of change going on right now. We’re pretty much in that state of having just moved in to a new house and not being able to remember where we packed the dishes. Nor do we have a clue where we’ll put them when we find them. So we’re grateful for your patience and your grace. If you need anyone or anything, give us a call and we’ll get it sorted out.

And tomorrow, I’ll take down our Christmas tree and truly lean into the new hope and energy of a new year.


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