Faith & the Arts

At Pacific Spirit United Church, we understand that God is present in every moment of our lives – from the “high holy” moments to the “mundane, everyday” ones. We also understand that we experience God in moments of beauty, which can be found in both the difficult and the joyful parts of our lives.

It becomes important for us to experience God’s presence with more than only our ability to think. We believe that it is important to engage our hands and our hearts, too. From Art Installations as part of our worship services, to a drama team, to excursions to other events, we search for ways to connect the Arts and our faith.

The Players

This group meets to learn theatre skills – like play-building! Have a great time making new friends as we develop drama presentations for the Thanksgiving and Advent services.

Next gathering dates and locations to be announced, please check back soon.

For more information, or to take part, please contact the administration office ( and we will connect you with an Arts Committee representative.

​Theatre Excursions

“Kill Me Now” │ Firehall Theatre – October 20 │ 3:00pm

Join us for this performance of “Kill Me Now” by Brad Fraser, the story of Jake, a single dad caring for his teen son Joey who has a severe disability.  Handling Joey’s puberty is hard enough but when Jake develops a serious medical condition he becomes the one to rely on the people around him.  There will be a discussion after the performance.

Congregational Arts Projects

Throughout the year, Our Faith & the Arts Committee plans projects, events and excursions for the congregation and the community.  Check out our seasonal program guides and watch this space for more details of upcoming events.

New Life Congregational Art Project

It is not too late to add your contribution to the New Life Congregational Art Project from Spring 2018.  Create a fish, starfish, leaf or bird.  Questions or need help?  Please contact the office ( and ask to be put in touch with the Arts Committee.

Coming this autumn:

Stay tuned for details on a poetry-storytelling evening in November, following Wednesday’s The Table dinner and worship.  All are welcome!