Contact List

Building Locations and Postal Addresses:

Our administrative offices are located in the Pacific Spirit United Church Memorial Center.

You will find the Memorial Center, and Stone Church located at:

2195 W45th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6M 2J2

Our second location is at the intersection of Collingwood Street and W24th Avenue:

3525 W 24th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6S 1L5


If you wish to contact the staff by telephone, please call the administrative office at 604.266.5377.


General Inquiries |

Coordinating Minister | Debra Bowman |

Minister with Children, Youth and Families | Cathy Cryder |

Pastoral Care Minister | Brian Thorpe |

Co-Director of Music | Greg Caisley |

Co-Director of Music | Bryn Nixon |

Youth Ministry Program Director | Molly Spaner |

Administration/Transition Manager | Sheila Sanders |

Office Assistant | Jonathan Gardner |

Accountant | Janet Livingstone |

Communications Consultant | Cherie Payne |