Godly Play – Sunday Mornings

Godly Play is an imaginative approach to faith formation and spiritual development. Godly Play uses symbols, objects, words and silence to explore biblical stories and Christian practices.  The Godly Play approach encourages children to make meaning for themselves. Godly Play values process, openness and discovery. Children are invited into the stories and encouraged to connect the stories with their personal experience.

During Godly Play sessions, children will…

  • Experience a faith story using beautifully created objects.
  • Explore the story with open questions and conversation.
  • Respond to the story by choosing from a variety of materials.
  • Enjoy a prayer, a simple feast and sharing.

The heart of Godly Play is…

  • Creating sacred space
  • Building & working in community
  • Nurturing spiritual development
  • Learning religious language
  • Using silence, story and play to make meaning

There are two Godly Play rooms on Sunday mornings at Pacific Spirit United Church. One room will accommodate children in preschool through grade 1. The other room with welcome children in Grades 2 to 5. The Godly Play program is supported by a dedicated and trained team of paid and volunteer leaders.