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Wednesday Open House

The Open House is a gathering place for people of all ages - children, teens, and adults - to join together to explore what it might mean to deepen our relationships with each other and with God. It has three parts, held every Wednesday: - from 4:15 to 5:15 pm, we have a time for individual or small group spiritual practices; - from 5:15 to 6pm, there's a shared meal (a small financial contribution if possible would help); - from 6 to 6:45pm, a worship gathering, with the music led by the Pneuma Voices (please check out Pneuma under Music in the above menu.) You are invited to come to any or all of the parts on any Wednesday evening. We meet at the W45th location, in the East/West Room and the Sanctuary. For more information, please contact Richard Bott or Cathy Cryder.

Spiritual Nurture Committee Questionnaire

The Spiritual Nurture Committee needs your help. As we work to build this new ministry of Dunbar Ryerson United Church, one of our hopes is that we would help people to deepen their faith in God as they live into the ways set out by Christ (what the church has traditionally called “being a disciple.”) As we work on developing Small Groups, and building programs that speak to people’s faith, it is important that we have a sense of where participants in the congregation are in their personal faith journeys, and what areas of discipleship exploration might bring them the most benefit. We’re asking everyone who is a part of Dunbar Ryerson to fill out this questionnaire to help the Congregational Development ministry in its work. Many thanks for your help! You can get there by clicking on the image above or by using the QR Code.