Sundays | 10:00am in the sanctuary at the corner of Yew St and 45th Ave

Wednesdays | Dinner at 5:15pm in the Memorial Centre | Worship at 6:10pm in the sanctuary (Yew St. and 45th Ave.)

This Epiphany season, we’re going to ground with God, warm and nurtured, and reach for Christ’s Epiphany light. Come and be part of a community that is both going deep and growing out!

(Important notes: American Sign Language is available at most Sunday worship times. While we don’t have ASL translation on Wednesdays, that service is translated into written Mandarin, with some parts spoken as we have speakers available.)

Both of our Sunday and Wednesday worship times will be focused on these themes, but in different ways.


January 10 & 14 | Going to Ground with God! | We remember Jesus’ baptism, and his going deep into the desert to sit, pray, and think.

January 17 & 21 | Growing with God | On our first anniversary as Dunbar Ryerson United Church, we commit ourselves to growing into living the wholeness of being Christ’s people.

January 24 & 28 | Quiet with God | With the Psalmist, we remember that there are times that we just need to sit and be, nurtured by God’s love. At the Sunday worship time, we will have the joy of a guest preacher – the Rev. Dr. Andy O’Neill from St. Paul’s United Church in Riverview, NB.

January 31 & February 4 | Growing with Each Other | How do we not get in the way of others’ growth in faith? How do we help? On this Sunday, with the support of our Ministry Team, the Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee from Vancouver School of Theology will be our guest preacher.

February 7 & 11 | Growing in the Gifts God has Given | Part of being nurtured in the light of Christ is seeing that all of life is a great gift of the Creator.

February 13 (Tuesday) | Mardi Gras! | Starting in the East-West Room, this will be an evening of mask-making, conversation, celebration and pancakes for everyone, followed by all-ages spiritual practices to lead us into the warm, dark, quiet of Lent.

Newcomers and visitors – WELCOME!

At Dunbar Ryerson United Church we create space for conversations that matter. Conversations about God, Christ and the Holy Spirit – and our relationship with God and each other. Conversations about life, and death, and what it means to lead a ‘good life’ in a complex time. At Dunbar Ryerson faith and intellect are not in conflict, and we believe God welcomes questions, even as we search for answers.

But we’re not just about conversations! In response to God’s love for community and creation we seek to identify areas of service and to make a difference in the world. We understand that living in this way, with the support of others, is part of the way we live out our relationship with God, and into being disciples of Jesus.

We value the energy and wisdom of children and the elders and everyone in between. We value people who are at a variety of places in their faith life, and who hold different worldviews. Through grappling with faith, engagement with community, and encounters with the sacred through the arts, Dunbar Ryerson offers rich opportunities to grow in relationship with the Holy Other – with God!

At our Sunday services we provide ASL interpretation and we have amplifying headphones for hard of hearing people. (Our Wednesday services do not have this accessibility.) Our buildings are wheelchair accessible… and, we hope, welcoming to all who are interested in exploring together.



2195 W. 45th Avenue, Vancouver, BC | 604.266.5377 or office@drmt.ca